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A truly spiritual and ethereal cultural heritage site. A wilderness experience at one of Northern Australia's last frontiers. A place of renewal and rejuvenation for the soul. A truly spiritual and ethereal cultural heritage site invoking days of long gone. Access to the site by 4WD over the historic cobb & co Maytown coach-road will entertain and challenge even the most avid and experienced driver.        Maria Lange, Townsville.



Completely and entirely awesome! I enjoyed every minute. The 4 wheel drive from Port Douglas to Johnny's remote camp was fun, fun, fun! The campsite was totally adequate and comfortable, even a deluxe toilet. The food was exceptional, we had home baked treats and camp oven food - delicious and plentiful, with various needs catered for abundantly.The setting was majestic, inspiring and peaceful. The walk along the escarpment filled me with a sense of deep connection with those who had gone before, their pride, their strength and their affinity with their culture. The rock art was "magnificent". it was indeed a wonder and privilege to experience it. Johnny played the tapping sticks and sang as we arrived which created an incredible sense of place. He made the art come alive with his knowledge and explanations. He later played the didgeridoo which delighted us all. As a lone, older traveller at all times i felt safe, respected and cared for. Johnny is a warm, friendly, obliging man who i found it easy to place my trust and confidence in. For me an unforgettable experience.       Wendy Lyon, Geelong & Bellarine, Australia



Australian history 4WD tour par excellence! We started off the tour in Cairns where Johnny picked us up with his 4WD. Along the way he taught us some Australian history including Aboriginal, Chinese and Western culture. Then we left the road and went into the bush with some river crossings and a serious 4WD climb up to the campsite. Up there awaits you an amazing view. We stayed over night and really enjoyed the camp and the company. On the next day Johnny took us to the Rock Arts and explained them to us. We absolutely loved it!! If you're interested in Aboriginal Rock Arts and you love camping and 4WD that's the tour to do! Definitely recommending this!         Uwe Seitter, Innisfail



An unforgettable experience to visit such a place packed with so much history and ancient native culture and in such incredible surrounds. We had hundreds of pieces of beautiful ancient art right there in front of us. With Johnny talking us through this enormous natural canvas; we gained a much deeper and detailed understanding of the way of life as it was so many years ago. We saw so much and could have spent so much more time there just admiring the beauty of the art and the country. If you like history, outdoors, 4 wheel driving and want to see a representation of the migration of ancient man, then this is a must. Be somewhere and see something others can only dream of. Kids loved it.Much respect to the Kuku Yalanji People.       The Arnott Family, Cairns

Add this to your bucket list! What an amazing experience, an authentic Australia bush journey top one of the most beautiful places I have even been too, combined with a profound guided experience of a remote Aboriginal rock art that is seldom seen. We chose the overnight trip, meeting Johnny and his cousin Brayden at Mt Molloy we travelled through Laura onto the Mayfield Cobb & Co track, some expert 4WD work here. Through a cattle station camp then onto the site where we were very well looked after, great food and facilities they are building, we got to try out the brand new hot showers.The artwork itself is profound and magical and Johnny gave us great insight into the history and meaning of the work. Can't recommend highly enough. Gavin Fin, Canberra
Most unbelievable experience with Johnny. This place will leave you numb  (in a good way).            Glen Hadden -  LowRange film crew

“I was fortunate to visit a Quinkan rock art gallery with Western Yalanji man, Johnny Murison. His warm and sunny personality, his love of the magnificent Quinkan country, and his knowledge of the art of his ancestors made the trip an absolute highlight. I wholeheartedly recommend Johnny as a guide.”           Dr Brian Hawkins, Canberra



“Johnny took us to one of the most spectacular places around the Laura area and gave us some amazing insights into the culture, stories, and art and history of the Western Yalanji people, which, made the tour a truly remarkable experience. The tour was enhanced through the breathtaking scenery!”           Jules Taylor, Cairns


This is an amazing experience. Authentic overland bush experience to visit a remote Aboriginal rock art gallery seen by very few. Johnny is a wonderful guide and really looked after us.          Gavin Findlay, Canberra



Incredible Visit! Johnny took me and my friend to see the rock art paintings at Split Rock near Laura. He was a fantastic guide! He was so knowledgeable about the history of the area and of the artworks, and made the trip really fun with his infectious enthusiasm. He also worked with the pace of the group, walking slowly or quickly as we needed. The sites themselves are just amazing. I would highly recommend taking one of his tours.            Noor, Melbourne 



A Privilege - too deadly! I had the privilege to go on a tour with John sharing time on country and experiencing the ancient majestic rock art. Already I am planning to take my wife and friends there to share this amazing experience. It is a place to be respected and definitely a place to visit. Thank you John for making this possible for local and international visitors. I recommend it to all with a sense of adventure and a desire to experience and share our Indigenous Culture.            Steve, Mareeba 



Astonishing trip! Hello, I'm a french girl, I'm 25 years old, I recommend this travel for everyone to see something very exceptional in the bush and want to live a great adventure with professional nice guys. I've never been in the bush, so it was my first time and I hope not the last. 
The first day, Johnny, our tour guide, picked me up in his car and we stopped to different places (cemetery (James Mulligan), Ngukulli, Nuruku, Bustard...) he explained to me some stories and anecdotes about these places). The way had been very difficult to access but Johnny is a good driver! When I arrived in the camp, I was so surprised to see a beautiful scenery, it was the paradise bush and from the toilet, the tent and the shower we can see this view. The best moment for me was when you see the sunset and then you ate and talked around the fire about everything (nice stories, jokes,...) with bushmen people. 
The second day I helped Johnny and his team to make a track close to the camp and then I went to the beautiful "art gallery" with aborigines paintings from Kuku-mini people which are ancestors of Johnny, who explained to me the meaning.
And the last day, I went back in my house,  I was tired but very amazed 🙂          Anais, France